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Movies Climax

Climax Climax Hot


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Produced By
P J Thomas
Anil Kumar
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South Indian beauty queen Sana Khan will be featured as Silk Smitha in the movie "Climax" directed by Anil. "Climax", produced by P.J Thomas depicts the real life of erotic actress Silk Smitha. 

The biopic revolves around  a handful of characters and  three of them play pivotal  roles in the movie. “One is  Silk’s mother, played by Shanti  Williams, another is her mentor,  played by Suresh Krishna  and third is the character of  her mentor’s son who is a  die-hard fan of Silk. The role  is played by newcomer Subin  Sunny.

Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati is popularly known by her stage name Silk Smitha. She was an Indian film artist who predominantly worked for South Indian languages. She has been noticed by the viewers after her role as 'Silk' in the Tamil film"Vandichakram" hence became the most popular erotic actress in early 1980s in her career spanning 17 years. She was found dead in her apartment in Chennai on 1996, which apparently says that she committed suicide. 

Silk Smitha was a known actress for majority of people as she had come on their dreams with her ultimate sex appealing roles. Movie makers show reluctance toward her, even though she had mettle for performing as a primary actress. She had type casted in sexy and erotic roles in movie industry and became one of the busiest actresses in Indian adult film industry. She had gained many people around her fan circle not only in 1980s but also in 21st century too. She had presented the roles very well whatever it is. Even though she became famous in movies with her extra ordinary and erotic character performance, it is an unknown fact to everyone about her real life. Bollywood industry had entered with an experimental movie "Dirty Picture" featuring Vidya Balan as Silk Smita and that has gained huge collection record and had also helped Vidya Balan to get national award for her acting. By following the success of Hindi movie Dirty picture, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu movie industries are also coming forward to do movies based on the real life of Silk Smitha. Now, it is the turn of Malayalam movie industry, with the upcoming movie "Climax" featuring Sana Khan as Silk Smitha. 

Editor reviews

Climax 2013-04-29 09:02:37 Admin
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Reviewed by Admin    April 29, 2013 View all my reviews

What indeed leaves you aghast is the script of 'Climax' which makes you wonder what has gone wrong. None of the scenes in it are convincing, and not even one manages to rake up an iota of sympathy in your heart for the actress. The art direction is equally appalling with mansions and gyms and Jacuzzis of the 21st century making their way into the late eighties.

Sana Khan looks pretty as a wax doll, but that's about how far it goes when it comes to her performance. At times wooden and at times dramatized, it's a mixture of an act that is more about pouting and prancing than emoting. Suresh Krishna is good, and as RK, he does manage to instill some believability into the character of the millionaire.

There is nothing in this movie.Director Anil should rethink about his direction skills.This film not even deserve a single rating.

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